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Students enrolled in various visual arts courses reconnect with their peers in the same classroom on campus again, but this time requiring masks and social distancing.

Visual arts students come back to campus for classes

Keira Jameson March 28, 2021

As the rest of the community has begun its return to campus, the school has welcomed back visual and performing arts students. Those taking performing arts have had the opportunity to return to campus...

Trigger Warning: Controversial Content

Trigger Warning: Controversial Content

Caitlin Muñoz March 26, 2021

When India Spencer ’21 clicked on a Zoom link for the Community Flex Time webinar on Jan. 14, she anticipated that the school would acknowledge a trend of depleted mental health and hoped for a sensitive...

Farmers market madness

Farmers market madness

Amelia Scharff March 25, 2021

Every Sunday, Tom Baker ’22 looks forward to the sweet, fresh grapefruits he buys at his local farmers market in Studio City. While he strolls along the tent-lined pavement with his mom, he feels connected...

Silhouette of a women featuring playboy magazine covers sexualizing women

Let’s Talk About Sexualization

Mimi Landes and Caitlin Muñoz March 24, 2021

“I’m not looking, are you looking?” “They looked at me first, I swear.” Women experience oversexualization from men in the media When Ash Wright ’22 opened the comment section of a TikTok...

“Downfalls High” Drops on YouTube

Natasha Speiss March 19, 2021

Flashes of a medical bracelet. A deep voice narrates how “sometimes you can love somebody or something so much that people will think you’re crazy.” A teen gets out of a medical hospital while newscasters...

“Big Mouth” Speaks Volumes About Adolescence

Natalie Cosgrove March 16, 2021

As Jessi enters the water to swim at summer camp, her pad sucks up all of the water in the lake and turns into a destructive monstrosity. To make matters worse, all of the cool girls at camp chime in to...

Character Beth Harmon's rise to prominence in

Netflix and Chess

Paul Kurgan March 12, 2021

Netflix’s “The Queen's Gambit” debut in October has since sparked a surge of interest in chess, causing an 87% increase in purchased chess sets and raising chess book sales by 603% in the US. The...

Students are able to sign up for time slots and share music with their peers through the school's radio station, KHWS.

Celebrating 10 Years of KHWS

Fallon Dern March 11, 2021

With one click to, you are greeted with a gif of Bart Simpson jamming out to music and the club’s name formed out of white computer mice. The front page holds a setlist from April 2020,...

Teachers’ Tastes in Music

Leo Saperstein March 4, 2021

Faculty members took time to reflect on music through their lives, both during COVID-19 and leading up to it, revealing what it has meant for them on a grander scale. Science Teacher and Coordinator...

KPop: A Guide to 2021’s Trends

KPop: A Guide to 2021’s Trends

Julia Im March 2, 2021

As Kpop, or Korean pop, transforms into a global trend, Korean idols are seen more and more as fashion icons; rather than just being known for the finger heart sign or kimchi, Korea’s image has expanded...

Breaking Down Fashion Barriers

Breaking Down Fashion Barriers

Keira Jameson February 10, 2021

As Alanah Dakar '22 waited for the cashier to finish scanning her groceries, a Vogue magazine featuring a Gucci floor-length lace gown caught her eye. She was stunned by the boldness and beauty of the...

Downtown Los Angeles at night is full of activities to experience

How to Explore Los Angeles in 2021

Mimi Landes and Lucas Lee February 9, 2021

A New Era of Going Out There is no way to sugarcoat the effects of the pandemic on Los Angeles, the second-most populous city in America. The very meaning of  “going  out” has changed. What has...

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