Reception to take place for Israel Trip

Sofia Heller

The school will hold a reception on Oct. 6 to thank the benefactors who sent 18 teachers on the faculty Israel trip this past summer in the Feldman-Horn Gallery .

The immersion trip, which was sponsored by the school’s Gunter-Gross Global Fund, spanned from June 13 to 27.

Despite political tensions in Israel, the group was still able to travel to locations such as Bethlehem, an Israeli Defense Force base, Jerusalem and the Knesset building.

The reception will recognize parents Jeffrey Gunter, Keith Gross and Lorette Gross, who created the program several years ago with Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts. It allows faculty to travel and immerse themselves in different cultures.

Huybrechts and history teacher Larry Klein will speak at the reception.

“It will be a nice presentation,” Huybrechts said. “We’ll have a lot of pictures of the trip, and we’ll share with our benefactors how much this has meant for the teachers at our school.”