Entrepreneur speaks to Business of Life Class

Sofia Heller

Entrepreneur Evan Horowitz ’99 advised Business of Life students to follow their dreams and learn from their failures during his speech Oct. 27.

Horowitz came to speak as a part of HW Venture’s Lunch and Lecture series after he was recommended by entrepreneur Sameer Gupta ’99, an instrumental person in the development of the entrepreneurship program at Harvard-Westlake.

Throughout his talk, Horowitz emphasized the value of breaking away from the norm when pursuing an activity or career.

He urged students to focus on their own happiness and not concern themselves with “society’s formula,” which he defines as a set of rules and guidelines that people follow to achieve success.

“It’s more about how can I enjoy the process of figuring it out and enjoy the adventure of my life, rather than having a plan and following it,” Horowitz said.

Students had the opportunity to ask Horowitz questions about his career, past experiences and any advice he had for them.

They also sought advice on potential colleges and jobs.

“I thought the lecture was inspiring because we were taught to not listen to expectations or pressures that others have for us, and that success can be achieved in many different ways,” Andrew Beyer ’17 said. “This is very different from what a senior in high school is used to being told.”

Business of Life teacher Rob Levin said that learning to find the right path in the future is crucial for high school students.

“There is a road; you run,” Levin said. “There is not enough asking, ‘What is my road?’ So, I thought [the talk] was invaluable. He’s gone the traditional route and then jumped in. He is doing stuff about happiness, balance and the meaning of life, and that is what this class is ultimately about.”