Community to bury 25th anniversary time capsule

Sofia Heller

Students, faculty and staff members are collecting memorabilia that represent the 2016-17 Harvard-Westlake school year for a commemorative time capsule.
The time capsule project is part of the administration’s initiative to honor the 25th anniversary of the school.
The time capsule will be buried at the middle school campus later this year.
The time capsule will be opened and examined in 25 years at a school reunion.
Assistant Director of Communications Shauna Altieri said that she is seeking smaller sized items from students, faculty and staff members that epitomize life at school this year.
Members of the community can contribute items including photos, sports memorabilia, movies or events on flash drives, student-voted yearbook lists and both homework and lecture notes from students or teachers.
Altieri is also searching for a number of student volunteers from each grade to lead a time capsule committee.
The committee will help choose which items should be included and buried in the time capsule.
The deadline for contributions to the capsule could be as late as May.
“We hope to mark a moment in our history during this celebratory year,” Altieri said.
Students have had positive reactions to the idea of creating and burying a time capsule.
Even though she is not planning to contribute any items to the time capsule project, Carolyn Kim ‘18 said she sees the value in participating in the time capsule project by donating items to preserve the artifacts from our generation.
“The most important contributions are going to be the ones that come from a place of genuine passion,” Kim said. “Those are going to be the ones that best reflect what life was like at Harvard-Westlake, and what we were interested in as a school at this point in time. If you think about how much our school has changed, like with the renovation of the middle school, seeing the old sports uniforms or playbills, it is going to be such a cool experience for the students who open it.”
Prefect Ryan Stanford ’19 is planning to contribute photos and a note to the time capsule.
“I would love to put something in the time capsule because it’s such an incredible and unique opportunity,” Stanford said. “It makes me feel like I could leave an impact on Harvard-Westlake in a small way even after I’m gone.”