Marisol Ordonez: Director of HR

Jenny Li

Marisol Ordonez will return as Director of Human Resources after serving as the maternity leave replacement last February.

As the Director of Human Resources, Ordonez said that she hopes to expand and bring human resources to the forefront of the school and to increase the quality of employee life.

“I hope to partner with the department heads and to get a little more involved in bringing human resources to the department head and the deans to make sure the teachers and staff feel like this is the best employee life they could ever have,” Ordonez said. “I think the school’s reputation speaks for itself, and everyone wants to teach here because the students are so prestigious and how well respected the institution is. I want to make sure we are also one of the best employers.”

Ordonez has worked for more than 20 years in different environments of human resources. After serving as the Human Resources Manager for E4L, Inc, she worked for the next 15 years as the Senior Director of Human Resources at New Wave Entertainment. In 2016, she transitioned into being an independent human resources consultant for both small and medium-sized businesses.

Ordonez said she looked forward to managing human resources at the school due to the care-giving attitude of the education industry.

“I’m super excited because I’m new to the education space so it’s a new industry for me,” Ordonez said. “Because teachers are in the position of serving another community, they are better listeners when it comes to HR matters. I find they sort of get it, they seek knowledge and they’re a bit empathetic because they are so typically concerned with a different community.”