Student interns share experiences at HW Works Roundtable

Noah Aire

Students shared their summer internship experiences with interested students at the HW Works Summer Internship Roundtable Sept. 16.

Perspective students had the opportunity to ask questions about the program and were informed of start up companies that they could apply to intern at. In addition, students were directed to learn more on the program’s webpage, which caters to a diverse set of hobbies and interests.

The event concluded with a review of the work accomplished by students in the program last year.

Head of HW Works, Administrator Zaakirah Daniels ’10, shared her goals for the program in the future and talked about the uniqueness of HW Works.

“Last year was the pilot program for the Roundtables, so it was about once a month between the months of October and March,” Daniels said. “This year, since things are looking great and we now have a student alumni association to support my efforts, we could hopefully have these meetings once a month for the whole year.

According to Daniels, the program aims to provide guidance and opportunities for students as they figure out what professional fields they would like to pursue in the future.

“It is hugely important to be open minded,” Daniels said. “I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I didn’t know how to get there. This program didn’t really exist when I was a student here and it’s just a more formalized way to get in contact with each other for professional help.”