Debaters place at competition

Emory Kim

Debate captain Indu Pandey ’18 won the second speaker award in the National Greenhill Fall Classic, adding to the team’s successful season.

Seven students from the team attended the competition in Addison, Texas from Sept. 16-17.

They participated in the Lincoln-Douglas division, in which debaters compete one-on-one on bimonthly assigned topics.

Six of the seven students advanced to the elimination rounds after six preliminary rounds. To move forward, debators must win at least four of the preliminary rounds.

“Greenhill is basically one of our most important tournaments of the year because it is an octafinal bid, which means that if you make it to the round of 16, you get a bid to the Tournament of Champions,” Pandey said.

Pandey, Chronicle Assistant Opinion Editor Vishan Chaudhary ’19, Spencer Paul ’19 and Jaya Nayar ’20 won in double-octafinals and secured bids for the Tournament of Champions.
Debaters have the option to participate in its Round Robin, where two pods of competitors debate.

The debater with the best record in his or her pod qualifies to debate in the final round of the Round Robin.

Pandey and Paul recieved invitations to the Round Robin and placed second and fourth in their pods, respectively.

“I was glad that I was able to do well in one of the most competitive pools of debaters in the country and hope that both the Harvard-Westlake debate team and myself can carry that success into the rest of the year,” Paul said.