HW Venture holds Web and App Workshop

Casey Kim

HW Venture, a student-alumni entrepreneurship innovation organization, hosted a Web and App Workshop on Jan. 22, where students worked on projects, business ideas and other innovations.
At the Vortex Meet-up, students learned from and taught other participants about business and design, HW Venture Head of Communications Ariana Sokolov ’19 said.
“What this event is highlighting is our space called the Vortex,” Sokolov said. “It’s an innovation space for people to work on their projects or innovations at Harvard-Westlake and bounce ideas off each other.”
The Web and App Workshop specifically invited mentors in design and development from the school community to advise students working on their projects. Venture leaders invited students from the Girls In Code club to the workshop, as they are working on apps that solve social issues in their communities for the Technovation Challenge, a girls’ app competition.Sokolov also aid the workshops also allow students to learn more about and explore their interests.

“Students will be learning anything they are interested in or that they’re curious about,” Sokolov said. “Our events are more free-formed. The purpose of that is to show that the Vortex is a place where people can just come and work at any time.”

For more information, visit venture.hw.com.