Disciplinary process to be streamlined

Saba Nia

As part of his increased duties this year, Upper School Dean of Students Jordan Church will oversee all disciplinary decisions and Honor Board cases.

In the previous system, teachers or coaches could decide how to handle first offense minor infractions. Upper school deans and Head of Upper School Laura Ross also dealt with disciplinary measures in the past. To immediately address concerns and streamline the process, Church said the new system will funnel infractions of all sizes to him.

Since Church has an institutional understanding of the disciplinary process, he said with his new role he can add immediacy to the decisions and look at students as whole people.

To better address any issues students may be dealing with, Church said he will seek disciplinary measures that allow each student to be seen in a broader context. Because infractions like cheating on an assignment or displaying offensive behavior may not be isolated incidents, Church said that he wishes to approach each case individually to better address their needs.

“Sometimes I think students misinterpret why we are calling them on their behavior [to the Honor Board], and I think that distracts them from internalizing the message,” Church said. “I hope that will focus the community on what’s really important, which is learning and growing, and becoming a community that strives to be a caring and supportive and ethical community.”