Andie Cook ’19 studies the history of Kibbutz

Eugean Choi

Andie Cook ’19 traveled to Israel to study the history of the Kibbutz, an agricultural community, after receiving the HWGo! Junior Summer Fellowship.

Cook chose to visit Israel in order to connect with her Jewish ancestors, who created the Kibbutz, she said.

Cook also saw Jerusalem during her trip and said she noticed a distinct difference between the Kibbutz and the city.

“[The Kibbutz] feels like a summer camp,” Cook said. “It doesn’t feel rural, but it feels different from a city. It was cool to go from that to Jerusalem, which was a bustling city.”

Cook said she enjoyed seeing how each inhabitant of the Kibbutz worked for the benefit of the entire community.

“You either work at the fishing hatchery, or you could pick lettuce,” Cook said. “[The work] is all for [the Kibbutz].   I was able to see all of the people who did these. It was very relaxing.”