Letter from the Editors

Jenny Li

We appreciate this feedback, and we encourage members of the community to send Letters to the Editor expressing any concerns for future issues. While the article is the opinion of one staff member and not of the entire paper, the decision to publish the piece was made by the Managing Team as a whole. We respect the courage it took for our staff member to voice a controversial opinion about the corruption within the education system in the paper. Before we publish stories in the Chronicle, the senior editors all read, edit and discuss every article that we publish. In our perspective, the piece called into attention the corruption in the extra time system. Some readers viewed it as an attack on students with learning disabilities; however, this was not the intention of the writer or of the Chronicle in publishing this piece.

We issued an initial correction regarding a statistic that an ABC News article cited from College Board saying 2 percent of students have learning disabilities. The original report with this statistic was not released to the public, so we corrected the article last month with a statistic from a different source. We are issuing one more correction to increase transparency regarding the research related to students with learning disabilities and extra time. There is no widely accepted or conclusive number of students with learning disabilities because there are different ideas about what constitutes a learning disability. Additionally, we have issued a correction to communicate that 11 percent of students at school have extra time, and not all of them have learning disorders. Despite these updates, we stand by the right and ability that our staff has to present opinions, and we welcome and would like to continue the dialogue regarding the extra time system.