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Illustration by Sophia Evans

What’s New: Fall Reviews: “Smile”

Eden Conner November 17, 2022

"Smile" is one of 2022's most popular horror film's whose successful blending of genres has allowed the movie to reach wider audiences. The film, released Sept. 30, was incredibly successful at the box...

An illustration depicts a scene from the movie Dont Worry Darling, where Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) gives her husband Jack (Harry Styles) a kiss goodbye.

“Don’t Worry Darling” Review

Olivia Phillips October 14, 2022

Don’t Worry Darling is filled with drama, intrigue, mystery, and speculation— and aside from that, of course, there’s the actual movie. The lead-up to the premiere of the movie was tumultuous, with...

Illustration by Sophia Musante

“Maid” Series Review

Vasilia Yordanova November 9, 2021

I look forward to evenings when I can spend some time alone, curled up in bed and scrolling through Netflix in search of a mindless distraction from the stress of school. On one such night, I happened...

Dissecting the Drama of the DAmelio  Show

Dissecting the Drama of the D’Amelio Show

James Hess October 15, 2021

Starring the most viewed TikTokers in the world and their parents, season one of Hulu’s “The D’Amelio Show” is a mishmash of reality TV tropes and attempted lessons. It is half “Keeping Up with...

Illustrations by Alexa Druyanoff

White Lotus review

Daphne Davies and Ava Fattahi August 25, 2021

Described as “The Comedy of the Year” by The Independent, HBO Max's satirical comedy-drama,"The White Lotus," masterfully captures complex characters in a binge-worthy format. Throughout the airing...

Lying on her bed, the Mittle-Man advises a student on their love life through the phone.

The Mittle-man on Campus: A Review of the 2020-2021 School Year

Sarah Mittleman May 24, 2021

‘The Mittle-man on Campus’ is a satirical column centered around high school clichés and the teenage experience. None of the articles in this column are representative of the opinions of The Chronicle...

“Beam Me Up Scotty” by Nicki Minaj Album Review

Fallon Dern May 22, 2021

Nicki Minaj surprised her fans (known as the Barbs) with the re-release of her 2009 mixtape “Beam Me Up Scotty” May 14. The 23-song project has a one hour, 17 minute runtime and combines old hits...

Downfalls High Drops on YouTube

“Downfalls High” Drops on YouTube

Natasha Speiss March 19, 2021

Flashes of a medical bracelet. A deep voice narrates how “sometimes you can love somebody or something so much that people will think you’re crazy.” A teen gets out of a medical hospital while newscasters...

“Big Mouth” Speaks Volumes About Adolescence

Natalie Cosgrove March 16, 2021

As Jessi enters the water to swim at summer camp, her pad sucks up all of the water in the lake and turns into a destructive monstrosity. To make matters worse, all of the cool girls at camp chime in to...

Evie de Rubertis/CHRONICLE

Tall Girl: from the perspective of two minorities

Jordan Murray October 2, 2019

After watching an embarrassing number of viral TikToks centered around the new—and highly controversial—Netflix film, “Tall Girl,” we were confused about the phrase “men’s size 13 Nike’s”...

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