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Teachers respond to ChatGPT

Tate Sheehy and Saisha Kumar February 8, 2023

The History Department released an official statement prohibiting the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on assignments in response to the emergence of AI program ChatGPT on Jan. 15. As of Feb. 4, the...

We have a chance to recommit to our humanity and the individualized quirks and insights that make our thinking special.

ChatGPT and education, Claire-ified

Claire Conner, Print Managing Editor December 14, 2022

A piano piece composed in the style of Mozart. An essay comparing Benedict Anderson’s and Ernest Gellner’s theories of nationalism. A Common App personal statement based on summaries of specific events...

Pomona College President G. Gabrielle Starr gestures to a student asking her a question after her speech.

Pomona College President speaks to students

Lucas Cohen-d'Arbeloff April 21, 2022

Pomona College President and neuroscientist G. Gabrielle Starr spoke to students about education and technology as part of the Brown Family Distinguished Speaker Series during Community Flex Time on Monday....

While the school encourages taking notes by hand, many students have begun to utilize technology in class.

Tech Talk

Lily Lee November 20, 2021

Shaking out her sore wrists, Kara Yoon ’23 looked down at her calloused fingers. She had been scribbling pages and pages of art history notes by hand in her orange three-ring spiral notebook, an arduous...

 20% of existing bitcoin (worth about $140 billion) has been lost simply because owners forgot their passwords, according to the New York Times.

Bitcoin and Bubbles, Claire-ified

Claire Conner November 17, 2021

In the middle of the Dutch Golden Age, a single tulip bulb was worth as much as a mansion in the center of Amsterdam. The Netherlands' flourishing merchant class obsessed over exotic varieties of the plant,...

The Truth: Tied to Technology

Editorial Board October 20, 2020

Then school starts, and we receive our daily doses of disheveled bed head and pajama tops via Zoom. For almost a quarter of each day, we sit facing the screen, filling breaks with TikTok, Snapchat and...

Photo Illustration by Spencer Klink 20.

1-800-Postmates: Food Delivery App Usage on Campus

Jeanine Kim May 2, 2019

Every weekend, when Jaya Nayar ’20 sits down to dinner with her family, she sees a spread of food ordered from Postmates. After enjoying a meal filled with a variety of foods from many different restaurants,...

Whats The Buzz? How Students and Faculty Get Their News

What’s The Buzz? How Students and Faculty Get Their News

Anusha Mathur March 20, 2019

Coco Kaleel ’20 sighed when she heard her morning alarm go off on her nightstand. She rolled over on her side, picked up her phone and opened up Daily Mail on the Snapchat Discover Page. Kaleel tapped...

Illustration by Lauren Nehorai 20.

Shifting Focus: How Technology Affects Students on Campus

Tammer Bagdasarian January 30, 2019

Under the dim light of his desk lamp, Kevin Kroh ’20 sat restlessly, his eyes darting back and forth between his phone and his textbook. No longer able to sit still, he instinctively reached out toward...

New and improved audio-visual system to be implemented this year

Chloe Schaeffer August 31, 2018

The technology department introduced a new audio-visual projector system over the summer. Installed in every classroom and conference room, the projector systems will help to simplify the presentation...

Annual giving breaks independent day record

Kaitlin Musante August 30, 2018

Parents, alumni, faculty and staff donated a record $9.3 million to Annual Giving last year, making the school the first independent day school to raise more than $9 million in annual giving, Advancement...

Photo Illustration by Sofia Heller and Nicole Kim

Report to HQ: Is HQ a distraction in the classroom?

Ryan Albert February 13, 2018

Ryan Stanford ’19 had a secret weapon for the HQ Trivia Christmas round: her grandma. Anticipation built as she and her sisters approached the game’s 12th and final question. Finally, the question...

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