Prefect Council holds capture the flag tournament


Allegra Drago/Chronicle

Jack Kelman ’23 races around the field, dodging through the opposition as he attempts to receive a flag handoff.

Lucas Cohen-d'Arbeloff

Prefect Council hosted a Capture the Flag tournament, in which students participated in scheduled matches during break and lunch from Dec. 2-7. Teams ran across Ted Slavin Field to steal the other side’s flag while avoiding being tagged and held in “jail.”

Out of the 10 teams that partook in the tournament, Kent’s Cadets won the tournament after defeating Team Diversity in the final match Dec. 7. The ROWMCO team was disqualified Dec. 6 after referees ruled they did not play enough offense and solely defended their own flag.

Sophomore Prefect Nyla Shelton ’24 said she felt grateful for the event’s high turnout and the encouragement students provided to their peers.

“There’s been a lot of support,” Shelton said. “People sit on the bleachers and watch [their friends], which is really fun, and I think they’re having a great time.”

Shelton said Prefect Council planned the tournament after the success of several prior athletic tournaments, which she said have helped uplift students’ spirits during busy school days.

“Previously, we held the dodgeball tournament and spikeball tournament, and a lot of people liked it,” Shelton said. “So we just wanted to continue an exciting thing for people to do during breaks. I think [these events boost] school spirit.”

Team Diversity member Oliver Wyman ’22 said while he is glad he participated in the tournament, he regrets not putting forth his full effort, resulting in his team’s loss.

“I wasn’t totally enthused about Capture the Flag,” Wyman said. “I appreciate our [Prefects] trying to create games in a fun atmosphere at school, although I feel like I could have been done better as my head wasn’t fully into the game.”

Casey Weisman ’22, a viewer of the Capture the Flag games, said the tournament was a good opportunity for students to socialize before Winter Break.

“The Capture the Flag tournament was a great way for the [the school] community to come together, and I think it’s something that we need in these uncertain times,” Weisman said. “I was so happy for Kent’s Cadets for winning because I’ve been rooting for them.”