Community Council hosts food drive for Westside Food Bank


Chloe Park/Chronicle

Maria Quigley ’23, who organized the drive, stands with food she collected and will be giving to Westside Food Bank.

Chloe Park

Community Council held a food drive for Westside Food Bank to combat food insecurity in Los Angeles from May 2 to May 6, where students were asked to bring granola bar boxes for the community service food drive throughout the week. Community Council announced that the person who donated the most boxes overall would receive a $200 Visa Gift Card, the highest donor halfway through the week would receive a $50 Visa Gift Card and the runner-up at the end of the week would receive a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Maria Quigley ’23, who organized the food drive, said she was glad the competitive nature of the drive gave many students incentive to participate.

“I think the food drive was a great success,” Quigley said. “It was amazing to see so much participation and in the end, we collected over 4,000 granola bars for the Westside Food Bank. It was so cool to see so many students get involved and make this food drive something competitive and fun.”

Kayley Kearnaghan ’24, who donated to the food drive, said the food drive taught her the significance of helping those in need.

“I learned the importance of helping the less fortunate within my community, and I enjoyed participating in this community service event,” Kearnaghan said.

Community Council reported that the winner of the $200 Visa gift card was Jaida Pryor ’24 with 20 boxes and the winner of the $50 gift card was Kiki Cooper ’23 with 14 boxes. In total, 671 boxes and 4,024 granola bars were donated to Westside Food Bank.

Ava Seib ’24 said the food drive allowed her to understand how she can play a role in helping others.

“By donating to the food drive, I realized that donating something that is small to me can make such a huge impact on someone else,” Seib said. “It was also really inspiring to see so many people donating and it made my sense of the school community even stronger seeing so many people donating boxes every single day”