HWOP expands outreach

William Liu

Prefect Council organized all performing arts outreach clubs under the leadership of the Harvard-Westlake Outreach Performers (HWOP) to facilitate collaboration and growth between them, Sept. 16.

Jazz Band Outreach Performers (JBOP), Cadence for a Cause (CFC), TEMPO and Plus One are among the clubs involved in the change. While the clubs will continue to be run individually, Prefect Council implemented a system in which HWOP would help oversee and organize joint community service events among the groups.

Sophomore Prefect Daisy Pritzker ’25 said the main reasons for the partnership are limited time, space and funding.

“Prefect Council can only support and schedule so many clubs due to financial restrictions, time restraints and a limited number of classrooms available,” Pritzker said. “Since there are so many different outreach performer groups with similar purposes, we decided that merging them with HWOP would be more beneficial than cutting them.”

HWOP leader Goldie Grube ’23 said she is  looking forward to the collaboration.

“We will see how [the partnership] plays out this year, but I think it will work out great,” Grube said. “Clubs like Cadence for a Cause are still around. It’s just that HWOP this year is in charge [of the partnership.]”

HWOP leader Elise Fried ’24 said she believes the partnership will open new doors for performing arts outreach.

“With the combined assets of the different branches of the performing arts outreach team, we will have increased opportunities to perform and showcase our interests,” Fried said. “As a leader of HWOP, I’m overjoyed to be at the forefront of this project since outreach involving the performing arts is something I’m incredibly passionate about.”