Local clothing brand creates Weddington collection for wear

Hannah Shahidi

Los Angeles-based clothing company AG Jeans designed a “Save Weddington” collection to protest the school’s plan to develop Weddington Golf & Tennis into the River Park athletic campus. Save Weddington is a nonprofit organization that says it is trying to preserve the Weddington property and prevent the school from building on it.

An undisclosed portion of AG’s profits from this line will be donated to Save Weddington, according to its website.

AG’s website said it  is aiming to raise awareness and financial support in an attempt to preserve Weddington. The items in this collection include $24 socks, a $68 hat and a $178 pair of sweatpants all embroidered with “Save Weddington Golf & Tennis.”

The collection features 22 products altogether and is described by AG as a “tribute to Weddington’s golf & tennis heritage and Los Angeles’ casual approach to athleisure.” The AG website also links to Save Weddington’s social media pages and said customers should contribute to the organization.

“Save Weddington is calling for action, they need help drumming up awareness, contacting councilmembers, and raising funds to help succeed in their mission to save Weddington Golf & Tennis,” the website said. 

Mia Morgan ’25 said the clothing line exists because many people do not understand the River Park project and its potentially positive impacts on Studio City.

“It’s upsetting that people don’t see the benefits of the River Park,” Morgan said. “ The plan will benefit not just students but everyone in Los Angeles,  and it’s a little worrying that such a popular brand doesn’t see that and that they’re trying to stop it.”

Keira Haley ’24 said she does not believe the clothing line will bring publicity to the Save Weddington movement.

“I think people will buy it, probably not for the sake of the movement but just because it is cute,” Haley said. “I think it’s a decent strategy,  but the people who just see the clothing in stores and don’t understand the cause that it is for won’t really be affected.”

Head of Communications and Strategic Initiatives Ari Engelberg ’89 said the new campus will be beneficial for members of the Studio City community.

“I believe that HW is creating a gem of Studio City in building River Park,” Engelberg said. “River Park will be good for Studio City in lots of ways. For starters, we will expand access to recreation opportunities, offering members of the public and community groups access to playing fields, the gym, pool and tennis courts. River Park will also have six acres of public open space for members of the community to enjoy, including a dog-friendly walking and jogging trail, plazas, seating areas, lawns and more. River Park will also reintroduce native trees and wildlife to the site.”