Head Prefect candidates speak before junior class during preliminary election speeches


Printed with permission of Megan Kim

Glory Ho ’24 delivers her Head Prefect preliminary election speech to the junior class in Rugby Theater. Ho is running for Head Prefect alongisde Assistant News Editor Davis Marks ’24, Bari LeBari ’24, Nyla Shelton ’24, Isiuwa Odiase ’24 and Elizabeth Johnstone ’24.

Tate Sheehy

Head Prefect candidates delivered speeches to juniors in Rugby Theater as part of the election’s preliminary round March 17. Candidates introduced themselves before being asked a prepared and unprepared question by Head Prefects Simon Lee ’23 and Yoshimi Kimura ’23.

Junior Prefects Bari LeBari ’24, Assistant News Editor Davis Marks ’24, Isiuwa Odiase ’24 and Nyla Shelton ’24 are running for the position, in addition to Glory Ho ’24 and Elizabeth Johnstone ’24, who are not currently Prefects. Juniors received the candidate statements from all six candidates via email a week before the speeches.

Shelton said the speeches are an important opportunity for candidates to convey their ideas to their class.

“Although candidates submit a candidate statement and an infographic for the Wolverscreens, our speech reaches the most students, [as] each candidate is able to directly address the student body and share hopes and ideas for the coming year and the future of our school and community,” Shelton said. “Speeches can really allow for each candidate’s character to be demonstrated, allowing the voters a way to assess what they want and value in their future Head Prefect.”

Johnstone said being a part of the election process has allowed her to connect with fellow candidates.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the other candidates, most of whom I don’t really get to talk to on a daily basis,” Johnstone said. “It’s been so awesome that we’re all so supportive of each other and that we can all give each other hugs when we need them.”

Will Sonneborn ’24 said although he had an idea of who he was going to vote for before the speeches, the assembly helped him solidify his votes.

“There were some people who I knew I was already gonna vote for before I even heard the speeches,” Sonneborn said. “But definitely for the fourth vote, I felt like I was listening to the speeches [to decide] the fourth person.”

Sonneborn said that candidates who do not have experience as Prefect or have lost elections in years past had more to prove.

“For the people who were either not Prefects or had lost a Prefect election in previous years, I think they felt like they had a lot more to prove,” Sonneborn said. “They certainly tried to get their point across simply because they don’t have the reputation from being a previous Prefect.”

Johnstone said her experience as a candidate who has not served on Prefect Council before is different than her peers who have.

“I’m in an interesting position in that I’m the only person running who hasn’t been on Prefect Council before,” Johnstone said. “While other candidates can highlight their track records as Prefects, I have to work a little differently. My campaign has to be more forward-looking.”