Student artists show photographs


Ella Yadegar, Assistant Features Editor

The Visual Arts department hosted a photography exhibit featuring selected works by Photography I and II students in Feldman Horn Gallery May 12. Students invited family and friends to view projects they had worked on throughout the school year.

Photography I student Savannah Mahoney ’25 said the event provided a space for students to come together.

“It was honestly just such a fun environment of photographers, singers, dancers, poets and more and I just really enjoyed everyone showcasing their art and being able to be proud of me and my friends’ work,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney said she appreciated the opportunity to show her work to the rest of the school community.

“It was a really cool experience to showcase what I have worked on and am proud of this year,” Mahoney said. “I’m so happy I got to show my friends and family my work and the work of others that I was super excited about.”

Photography II student Sabine Kang ’24 said she enjoyed hearing her friends’ perspectives on her projects.

“I didn’t think I would care too much about the gallery, but I went with my friends, and it ended up being really nice because some of my photos featured them, and it was fun to see their reactions,” Kang said.

Kang said she enjoyed the event because she was able to spend time with her friends and view other students’ work.

“In general I didn’t really expect to be super drawn to any work but I was surprised by how much dedication everyone seemed to put in because it’s hard to put a lot of effort in since everyone is so busy,” Kang said. “I went with my friends and I really enjoyed the event overall.”

Although Leila Kvistad ’24 did not have work displayed, she said she saw various photography techniques reflected in the artwork at the the gallery showing.

“I went to the photography event because my friends were in the event and I wanted to go appreciate their work and show support,” Kvistad said. “I liked the creativity of the artists like the colorful collages, the use of Polaroids and the collective portraits. They all had a deep takeaway and it’s very admirable that this all came from a student’s mind.”