Video arts students film documentaries for citywide project

Su Jin Nam

Six students in Video Art I filmed, edited and uploaded mini documentaries to showcase a typical day in Los Angeles for the One Day in LA project.
Participants in the project filmed what they were doing on April 26.
Cole Kawana ’16 created a film made up entirely of aerial shots from his drone.
He filmed the Griffith Observatory, beaches, the San Fernando Valley and the upper school campus.
Jack Stovitz ’16, Jeffery Ehlers ’16 and Henry Roskin ’16 documented their six-mile conditioning run around the UCLA area. They filmed using a GoPro camera.
Jenna Thompson ’16 and Eric Bradley ’16 spent a day in Venice Beach, filming the boardwalk and the many attractions there. They interviewed people about the beach culture and the benefits of spending the day on the boardwalk.
“It was a good experience and a good feeling knowing my work is going to be in a place where multiple people can see it,” Bradley said. “It was also fun getting to go to Venice.”
On the One Day in LA project website, a virtual map of the city with pinpoints is available for viewing. Anyone can click on any of the pinpoints to see the video filmed there.
“I think it’s a really important project,” Thompson said. “Los Angeles is so different from anywhere else in the world, and it’s cool that people get to experience the city from the eyes of natives.”
Participants in the project, which is run by executive director Rory Mitchell ’97, had until May 26 to upload their videos.