Symphony Orchestra and upper school to perform joint concert

Hannah Cho

The symphony orchestra and the three upper school choirs, Bel Canto, Wolverine Chorus and Chamber Singers, will perform in the biennial concert Feb. 27.

The event will take place at the First Presbyterian Church in Santa Monica.

Performing arts teachers Mark Hilt and Rodger Guerrero are in the process of picking the music that combines choir and orchestra that will give as many students the opportunity to play.

“Mr. Guerrero and I are trying to choose stuff that we would like the singers and the orchestra to have an experience with, stuff that’s really world standard music in orchestra that we would like them to have a chance to sing,” Hilt said.

The concert will include music based on the Requiem text of the Latin mass for the dead, a Motet.

“[The music] is surpisingly simple, a beautiful mediation of communion text and very well known,” Hilt said. “We are trying to put [the music] together from the instruments and singers we have.”

The performance will also include a short choral composition, with strings and organs; a piece composed by Buxtehude and ensemble music.

Each piece will each have a different orchestration.

“There’s a lot of great music written for the combination of choir and voice,” Hilt said.