Symphony, Jazz Band, Chamber Singers hold auditions

Katie Plotkin

Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors auditioned for Symphony, Jazz Band and Chamber Singers in March and April.

The results for Symphony will be announced today.

Symphony auditions required students to sight-read, play a piece that they had been working on with their teacher and perform some scales.

“I have some plans to try to build up more of an ensemble feel, more of a team,” orchestra conductor Mark Hilt said.

“I have been trying to tighten up the requirements to get into Symphony to really make it like varsity basketball or varsity something so it is really the best players at this level, while filling in what I need to have,” Hilt said. “This year, I have great players pretty much top to bottom.”

Chamber Singers auditions were held last week in which they had to sight-read and sing scales among other things. The results were released Monday.

Jazz Band results were posted April 20, and students who auditioned had to perform a solo piece and play “Perhaps” by Charlie Parker, except for drummers. The drummers instead played “Work Song” by Cannonball Adderly Erus.

All results are avalible on