Keane Muraoka-Robertson: Ghana/Tanzania

Elana Zeltser

Keane Muraoka-Robertson spent two weeks studying the impact of fresh water on rural villages, local economies, and the livelihood of women in Ghana and Tanzania.

Muraoka-Robertson was able to visit locals’ homes where water filters were being installed.

She describes one house she visited that was more like a hole in the wall with a curtain as a door.

“In the water [some villagers] brought me, I was able to see little worms moving around. At first I thought it was dirt in the water but after looking closely at the water, I realized they were moving.”

Muraoka-Robertson appreciated the new perspective she gained from her travel abroad.

“Coming back from this trip, my outlook on life has really changed,” Muraoka-Robertson said. Something as fundamental as fresh water, which we often take for granted, is something many people lack. We take so much for granted and seeing how these people live day to day with barely anything really made me appreciate the things we do have.”