Directed studies, Sculpture II classes visit LACMA exhibit

Morganne Ramsey

Students in Sculpture II and their instructor, art teacher Dylan Palmer, viewed the limited-time exhibition “Ken Price Sculpture: a Retrospective,” on Oct. 9.

The exhibition includes some of contemporary LA artist Ken Price’s sculptures such as “L. Red” and “Zizi.”

“The simple-looking forms that he creates are very unique and I’m excited to see it up close and in person,” Sculpture II student Liza Woythaler ’14 said.

The exhibition was designed by the world renowned architect Frank Gehry, who also designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. In addition to Ken Price’s work, the students explore the rest of the LACMA’s contemporary art collection, seeing the work of artists such as Richard Serra and Chris Burden.

“The LACMA has a great collection of contemporary art,” Palmer said.

The exhibit runs from Sept. 16 through Jan. 6.