Senior, alumni independent art displayed in Feldman-Horn gallery’s first show of the year

Morganne Ramsey

The first show in the Feldman-Horn Gallery  featured a “mixed bag” of photography and paintings, many created during the summer. The show opened on Sept. 14 and was the backdrop for the Alumni Reception, Faculty Appreciation Luncheon, a few presentations and classes for Back-to-School Day, allowing parents and teachers to see student artwork, as well.

“It’s a real mixed bag with this show,” photography teacher Kevin O’Malley said.

The artworks on display are the creations of senior students under teachers Marianne Hall, Arthur Tobias and Kevin O’Malley.

Hall’s students’ art is work that was finished at the end of last year but never received an opportunity to be shown.  The art being displayed by Tobias’ senior students were recently finished in the first two weeks of school, and the photographs from O’Malley’s Photo III students were taken over the summer break.

Added to the mix was work created over the summer from Katie Ehrlich ’14, an independent photographer, and a video from video arts teacher Cheri Gaulke.

Though Hall organizes the actual gallery schedule, the placement of the artwork is first-come first-served, creating a race for each class to get the best showing space. The back wall is a favorite, O’Malley said.

“This is the show that I really like the best,” O’Malley said. “Every year, they bring in completely original artwork.”

For O’Malley’s students, at least, this improvement in detail is partially due to the reviewing exercise practiced at the end of the students’ junior year. Since so many seniors will be sending their artwork to colleges as supplements with their applications, it is useful for them to review holes and strengths within their bodies of work with a class and teacher there to advise them. Four out of seven of O’Malley’s students traveled overseas, photographing places such as Italy and Morocco during the summer, bringing a foreign twist to the already diverse show. It is really up to the students at this point what they are choosing to shoot. His instructions are simple and straightforward, “Okay, you’ve got three months. Get to work.”

“It’s refreshing to be given full responsibility and freedom in the amazingly individual art called photography. I love it because I can expressive myself fully in this medium,”said photography student Maria Gonzalez ‘13.

“The reason I like it so much is it’s a complete surprise. When they come in with their work, their pictures don’t look anything like their previous art,” O’Malley said.