Students, faculty pay tribute to science teacher


Carmen Levine ’17 writes a message to pay tribute to science teacher Jim Brink on the anniversary of his passing. Credit: Jesse Nadel/Chronicle

Jesse Nadel

Members of the school community paid tribute to science teacher Jim Brink on the anniversary of his death, Nov. 12, by writing letters and messages to his family.

“The unfortunate passing of Mr. Brink was a profound, shaping moment for our community,” Prefect Council said in an email. “We all still feel the effects of his legacy, and no one more so than his family.”

The tribute was inspired by the sticky note memorial that students and faculty created for Brink last year on the door of the science office.

The stand was a collaboration between Prefect Council and Dora Schoenberg ’16, who had the idea to honor Brink on the anniversary of his passing.

“We thought that we should redo the post-it idea because it was such a success last year, and it allowed everyone to share good memories about Mr. Brink,” Shoenberg said.

Students said that they were happy to honor Brink in this way.

“I think it’s great that the school continues to honor his memory and show his family that he’s still so special to this school and to his students,” said Naomi Barlava ’17, who had Brink for chemistry last year.

Students and faculty can also write messages at the stand Nov. 13 as well.