Boden Stringer ’18 juggles soccer and school


As the season begins, Boden Stringer ’18 practices his fundamentals. Credit: Sam McCabe ’18 / Chronicle

Sam McCabe

On a sunny afternoon in mid July of 2012, Boden Stringer ’18 practiced juggling a soccer ball. The count went higher and higher as Stringer practiced his skills, until finally he could juggle up to 500 times. This was the summer Stringer began to focus on his soccer career.

“When I was in seventh grade I could probably juggle the ball 10 or 20 times, and by the time I was in eighth and ninth grade, I could juggle it a couple hundred times,” said Stringer.

As a freshmen, he was the youngest on the varsity soccer team, but was unable to play due to a stress fracture in his lower back caused by too much physical activity. His injury lasted for the entire soccer season, which meant he couldn’t play in any games.

“Boden is one of the few people I know that have resilience to come back from a back surgery. He is an inspiration for the team, and I look forward to playing along side him,” said teammate Jake Neuman ’18. 

As a ninth grader, Stringer stood on the sidelines watching the Wolverines finish their season with an overall record of 14-4-1.

“It’s really difficult to watch everyone being able to play, getting better and having fun, but I’m still able to learn on the sidelines and cheer them on,” said Stringer.

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 Stringer wore a back brace for five months last year and had back surgery in October. After his operation, he became sick and missed school for two weeks.

“Missing so much school helped me become more efficient with my time in school and in soccer. Recovering from an injury and sickness, is something almost all athletes have to do in their career, and I hope this is the only injury I will face,” he said. “It was really difficult making up all the work with soccer practices, but my teachers were really understanding and helped me get back on track.”

Stringer fell in love with the competitiveness of soccer ever since he began playing when he was six years old. His favorite position is defense, particularly the right back.

During his years in American Youth Soccer Organization, Stringer was an all-star. He decided to play club when he was 11 and joined Pacific Coast Soccer Club. He then played for Golden State Soccer Club, and is now at Crescenta Valley Soccer Club.

When asked to describe Stringer in three words, his club coach, Kiel McClung said, “intelligent, fearless, and technical.” 

Stringer is well-liked by his peers, according to teammate Jonty Nobbs ’18. He showcased his skill in a recent tournament, scoring one goal and one assist.

“Boden is super technical and creative and is one of the more skilled kids on the team. The entire team loves Boden and his signature slicked-back hair,” said Nobbs.

Stringer said he hopes to keep improving.

“I’m gonna keep working hard, try to stay injury free. And keep playing for my [club] team, and for my school, and doing what I love.”