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As the season begins, Boden Stringer '18 practices his fundamentals. Credit: Sam McCabe '18 / Chronicle

Boden Stringer ’18 juggles soccer and school

Sam McCabe April 26, 2016

On a sunny afternoon in mid July of 2012, Boden Stringer ’18 practiced juggling a soccer ball. The count went higher and higher as Stringer practiced his skills, until finally he could juggle up to...

Jonty Nobbs '18  suffered an ankle injury which kept him on the sidelines for the first couple of games of the soccer season this year. Credit: Wilder Short/Chronicle

Jonty Nobbs ’18 is stuck on the sidelines

Wilder Short March 7, 2016

This year marked the second season Jonty Nobbs '18 has earned a starting position on the Boys' Varsity Soccer team. Praised by coaches and teammates for his physical and technical playing style, he takes...

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