1-1 plan to begin this fall

Aaron Lyons

The “One-to-One” initiative, which aims to enable every student at the Middle School to have their own computing device, is on course to be implemented in fall of 2013, Director of Studies Liz Resnick said.
Though the specifics of the initiative, such as the types of devices and mode of implementation, have not yet been finalized, the Educational Technology Committee, headed by math teacher Jeff Snapp, is discussing various options.
“We’ve made a lot of progress researching various options for Harvard-Westlake,” Resnick said. “[Snapp] and I have made visits to Brentwood, San Francisco University High School and the College Preparatory School in Oakland to learn about their various one-to-one programs, and to learn from their experience.  Everyone on the committee has contributed to the conversation, and we’re continuously exploring this decision for various angles.”
The Ed-Tech committee has also consulted former history teacher, technology entrepreneur and charter school director Ari Engelberg. The committee plans to reach a decision this December.