Instructors preview summer workshop

Jake Saferstein

Instructors of the Independent Theater Workshop visited drama classes on Dec. 12 to present a preview their new 2013 summer program.

The two instructors gave condensed versions of the activities at the summer program.

“[The instructors] came to classes, doing short demos of their two week program. It wasn’t just them talking, it was them doing activities with the kids,” performing arts teacher Chris Moore said.

The summer program, the Independent Theater Workshop will be Monday-Friday for two weeks from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The program will be offered to  rising juniors, seniors, and recent graduates.

The goals of the Independent Theater Workshop are “to deepen [students’] performance abilities and to tap into new wells of emotion. To write vibrant, original material that makes an audience sit up and take notice. [And] to collaborate successfully within a group,” according to the information sheet the instructors handed out during classes.

During the workshop, the students will participate in activities that help them become better actors, writers, and directors.

By the last class, students will perform a play, which is also written by the students in the summer program.

Two instructors, Nick Soper and Lauren Ludwig, teach the program.

Soper is an actor, writer and teacher who has experience in the film industry.

Ludwig is a director, writer, and educator and has earned a Hollywood Fringe Festival “Best of Comedy” award and “Critic’s Pick” from the Chicago Reader with her work.

“The instructors were very easy-going and informed the class about the course of the summer program and what we would be doing. It will be two weeks of intensive scene study, writing, and then creating a play,” drama student Cameron Victor ’15 said.