HW Works to co-host workshop


Graphic by Alexa Zuriff. Source: Zaakirah Daniels

Sophie Cohen

Harvard-Westlake Works and the Kutler Center will co-host an internship workshop for students Wednesday in the Kutler Center at 3 p.m.

The workshop will feature a student panel of about four students who will answer questions about how they found their respective internships, why they think internships are beneficial and what they thought about the whole internship process.

The purpose of the workshop offered by HW Works is to make students aware that there is a resource to help them on their search for summer opportunities and internships.

Additionally, Spencer Villaseñor ’99 will teach the basics of resume writing, cover letter writing and interview skills, all of which help students in making a great impression on a potential employer, HW Works administrator Zaakirah Daniels ’10 said.

“Harvard-Westlake was very helpful in finding me an internship,” Izzy Wiesenthal ’17. “At the end of the school year [last year], I talked to Mr. Salamandra about finding me an internship, and he set up an internship for me at the Bouchard Chemistry Lab at University of California.”

High school students have better chances of finding internships in more general or popular fields as opposed to specific fields, Daniels said. Niche interests tend to have internships only offered to college students.

HW Works has compiled a summer opportunities directory that lists possible internships in ten different categories: academic enrichment, adventure/outdoor, arts, universities, community service, international, internships, specialized interest, summer camps and world languages.

“We want to create somewhere or something that students can go to and know they will be supported in that journey,” Daniels said.