Harvard professor and author to address parents, faculty

Noa Schwartz

Professor and author Richard Weissbourd will address the Parents’ Association Wednesday evening at the Middle School to discuss parenting and developing children’s moral compasses.

Weissbourd works as a psychologist at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and Graduate School of Education, where he studies.

In addition to his research at Harvard University, he wrote the book “The Parents We Mean to Be: How Well-Intentioned Adults Undermine Children’s Moral and Emotional Development.”

Middle school psychologist Susan Ko connected the Parents’ Association with Weissbourd after hearing him speak at a conference on children and their moral compasses.

“Dr. Weissbourd often discusses that an important way for students to develop their moral compass is to help them to value and want to understand people who are different from them,” Parents Association head Nancy Kaleel said. “This concept seems to fit well with Harvard-Westlake’s mission statement — striving for a diverse and, inclusive community.”

In addition to the development of a child’s moral compass, Weissbourd also addressed how to be a conscientious parent as described in his book.

“We hope that parents will gain valuable insight from Dr. Weissbourd’s teachings,” Kaleel said.

Earlier in the day, the faculty and staff will attend an all-staff meeting with Weissbourd to learn about the recent report “Turning the Tide” by the Harvard Graduate School of Education about rethinking college admissions.