Musicians to play in two shows

Claudia Wong

The Camerata Strings and the Symphony Orchestra will perform two concerts Feb. 12 and 13.
Small groups will perform pieces separately. No piece will be played by the entire orchestra.
“There’s several small ensembles, everything from a cello-harp duet to a string ensemble of about 20 players, and everything in between,” performing arts teacher Mark Hilt said.
The pieces to be played at the concert include “Spanish Dance No. 5” by Enrique Granados and “Promenade a I’automne.”
“There were so many pieces that the concert had to be held over two days,” Hilt said.
One concert will be held in the Feldman-Horn art gallery and the other in St. Saviour’s Chapel.
The group will play a movement of a Haydn string quartet and a movement of a Brahms piano trio in the gallery.
In St. Saviour’s Chapel, a group with players from Wind Ensemble, Symphony, jazz groups and string ensembles will perform.
“[The Chapel] is a terrific space for certain types of music. It’s very, very echoey because it’s so tall, and it’s a beautiful, beautiful old space,” Hilt said.
He will be conducting some of the pieces and letting his students play other pieces on their own.