Composer Thomas Adès to speak at assembly Monday

Liz Yount

Composer, pianist and conductor Thomas Adès will speak as the Brown Family Speaker at an upper school assembly Monday.

Adès is an award-winning and internationally recognized orchestral composer who regularly performs at the Los Angeles Philharmonic, London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Symphony and the Boston Symphony, among other international orchestras. His most notable solo piano and opera work is “The Tempest,” inspired by the Shakespeare play.

Adès will meet with the Shakespeare class and the Symphony class. He will also be available to eat lunch with students during fifth period. The school will observe schedule C that day.

Originally from London, Adès studied alongside renowned composers such as Alexander Goeher and Robin Holloway at King’s College, Cambridge, in 1992. He later became the Britten Professor of Composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and he also received and honorary doctorate from the University of Essex, in 2004. He currently directs piano and chamber music annually at the International Musicians Seminar in London.

“My whole class is really excited for Mr. Adès to come,” Shakespeare student Shannyn Schack said. “I’m really intrigued. We just finished ‘The Tempest’ about a week or so ago, so it’s pretty fresh in our minds. I’m really interested to hear his take on it and what he did with his adaption.”