School to host field day

Jadene Meyer

To bring students together and relieve stress, the Character Committee is holding a field day event called the Festival of Spring on the Ted Slavin Field Thursday during a special assembly schedule.

The Festival of Spring is intended to be a relaxing, fun event after the stress of third quarter to transition into spring break, Character Committee student leader Allison Gorokhovsky ’17 said.

The event will include activities such as all-grade dodgeball in Taper Gym, frisbee and tug of war on the field and Sudoku in designated classrooms. There will also be an In-N-Out truck.

Students and faculty will compete in activities for points that will go to the three grades or the faculty, with the winning grade or the faculty receiving a special prize.

“A lot of times people will be separated into different groups or clubs, but what Character Committee is trying to get at is the bigger sense of community,” Gorokhovsky said. “We are trying to broaden those circles.”