Mountain lion expert visits photography class


Mountain lion expert Johanna Turner spoke to students about photography and wildlife conservation. Printed with permission of Kevin O’Malley

Jackson Novick

Mountain lion expert, environmentalist, activist and photographer Johanna Turner presented to students in Photography 3, AP Environmental Science and Spanish classes Feb. 25.

She discussed principles of photography and the importance of wildlife conservation.

The presentation focused on her documentation of mountain lions and other animals native to California.

Additionally, Turner provided advice and instruction on remote photography techniques, and used her wildlife work for examples.

“I enjoyed hearing about how she was able to capture such amazing shots of all these animals,” Juliet Nguyen ’16 said. “Not only were they beautiful, but it also proved to be very helpful for the scientists who were tracking the animals, as well. I really liked that she talked to us about all her trials and errors, and how she built on all those to get the shot she wanted.”