Track and Field wins starting meets of season

Cameron Stine

Both boys’ and girls’ track and field teams are poised to go deep into CIF prelims and finals this season, with a strong roster and stronger bond all around.

Their first meet against Crossroads, Brentwood and Pacifica Christian went extremely well, with the boys scoring 82 points and the girls scoring 100 points against the other three’s combined 37.

Last year Imani Cook-Gist ’15, Courtney Corrin ’16 and Alexandria Florent ’15 qualified for the CIF Masters meet. They competed against the other athletes who qualified in the Southern Section, making them some of the best athletes in the region.The loss of two of these girls was supposed to be a hit to the girls’ team, but it clearly did not affect them.

Both teams have been practicing together in groups based on their event, which allows for players to become closer to one another.  With one of the largest rosters for both the boys’ and girls’ teams, this works well by isolating skill groups.

“Although I feel track is an individual sport, that individual couldn’t be successful without the support of their teammates and coaches alike,” Corrin said. “They’re going to be my ultimate support system, but success truly lies in your inner belief.”

The majority of the team is made up of freshmen and sophomores, which will lead to stronger players in the future.

Both teams want as many runners as possible to qualify for CIF.

The boys’ team won its first league match against Crespi 87-35 and is predicted to continue its dominance in league.

“I’m feeling really optimistic about this season,”Jonah Ring ’18 said. “This team has a lot of talent and a lot of focused, dedicated people that are ready to give it all they have.”