Lacrosse wins consecutive games


Charlie Seymour/Chronicle

BREAKOUT PLAYER: Attacker Beckett Lee ’24 cradles the ball before a 5-4 overtime win against Crespi Carmelite High School on March 16.

Leo Saperstein

The lacrosse team defeated Crespi Carmelite High School 5-4 in its first Mission League game of the season March 15, recovering from its 12-11 loss to Sierra Canyon High School on March 8.

The team went 12-3 overall and 10-2 in Mission League games during the 2020-2021spring season. Defender Zachary Greene ’23 said even without last year’s senior players, the current team will find similar success once it solidifies its play chemistry and style.

“After only losing four [seniors], although they were all starters, if we keep on the track we are going, we have a bright future ahead of us,” Greene said. “This team is made up of a ton of great individuals, who all have their strengths and weaknesses. When we play our game and focus on us as a team, no other team can beat us. That is our key to success. If we keep on the track we are going on, we have a bright future ahead of us.”

Greene said he attributes the team’s recent wins to the guidance of its coaching staff, especially Lacrosse Program Head Erik Krum.

“One of the ideas that [the coaching staff] harps on the most is, no matter our skill, [we need to be] the scrappiest and hardest working team out there,” Greene said. “As a team, even when we are down, to hear the coaches getting into it with us and reflecting our emotions brings a bit of hope and drive to continue to fight for our team.”

Goalkeeper Rohan Mehta ’23 said in order to win the Mission League Championship, the team needs to work on applying a more concerted effort throughout the entire game.

“The key to success is locking in as a team for all four quarters,” Mehta said. “That will help us win more games. I think sometimes  we start games a little flat-footed, or we end games a little bit tired.”

Attacker Becket Lee ’24 said the team needs to develop more consistent communication while on offense in order to improve its record during the second half of the season.

“We need to learn from how we are playing right now and improve on what we are doing,” Lee said. “We need to move the ball faster on offense. [Better passing] will help us keep possession for longer and will help us get better opportunities in front of the goal.”

Krum said the team will be able to maintain its winning record by focusing on the core components of lacrosse.

“We must control the possession of the ball, scoop a majority of the ground balls and play team defense,” Krum said. “If we move the ball well from the defensive side to the offensive side and our offense protects the ball, we will put ourselves in a good position to win games.”

Krum said he and his coaching staff expect players to practice with focus and dedication.

“One of our main goals as a coaching staff is to instill the love of the game into all our players and motivate them to be the best teammates as possible,” Krum said. “We want our players to practice with the intent of getting better every day, and every game it is our goal to out-work our opponent.”

The team will play against Chaminade High School in its second Mission League match of the season March 26.