‘Napalm’ Girl to attend film screening

Elana Zeltser

Kim Phuc, the “Napalm Girl,” will speak to parents and students May 10 at 7:30 p.m. following the screening of a documentary about her life entitled “The Power of a Picture.” The movie, presented by producers Jeff MacIntyre and David Ono, also features Nick Ut, the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who captured the image of Phuc running naked, her clothes seared off by burning napalm, through the streets during the Vietnam War.

“It is probably the most famous war picture of all time,” Head of the Visual Arts Department Cheri Gaulke said. “Many people say it’s the photo that ended the war.”

The evening will benefit Phuc’s Kim Foundation and The Friendship Fund, an organization which recently took 10 Harvard-Westlake students to Laos as part of their World Tours program. These non-profit charities “help victims of war,” Gaulke said.

“The movie evokes the question of what our responsibility is in a time of war, particularly in relation to civilians who are often the victims of bombs or the dropping of napalm,” Gaulke said. Admission is free, as the evening will be sponsored by the Gunter-Gross Asia Initiative with the mission of informing students about life in Asia. Following the 26 minute documentary, Phuc will answer the audience’s questions.

“Kim’s journey is all about forgiveness,” Gaulke said. “That is something we found in Laos, too. There is a culture of peacefulness.”

On May 11, students will accompany Phuc and Ut to the Annenberg Center to see a show on war photography.