Student plays to be performed in Rugby

Ellis Becker

Rugby Theater will showcase 13 student-written plays Thursday to Saturday for the annual Playwrights Festival.

The plays were chosen by a committee led by performing arts teacher Christopher Moore, the festival’s producer.

Some plays were assigned student directors, while others will be directed by professionals, including British television director David Shaughnessy and actor Bruce Young.

The Scenemonkeys, Jackanapes, Jazz Explorers and Harvard-Westlake Jazz Singers will perform during intermissions.

The plays will be separated into series A and series B over the three days.

Series A Thursday and Saturday night will showcase plays by Jillian Sanders ’17, Jared Gentile ’16, Chloe Shi ’16, Dylan Schifrin ’16, Sabrina de Brito ’17 and Kitty Luo ’18.

Series B Friday and Saturday matinee will feature plays by Kenneth Noble ’16, Jenny Lange ’17, Josh Friedman ’16, Henry Roskin ’16, Jack Stovitz ’16, Sammi Handler ’17, Emma Kofman ’16, Gillian Gurney ’17, Jesse Nadel ’17, and Sakura Price ’18.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the audience’s reaction to my play,” Price said. “I was surprised to see how many cast members related to the themes, and I think that some people watching can relate too, or if not, [I hope] that they enjoy it and understand the message.”