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Cashing In: High Stakes Reveal


The Athlete: Lindsey Tse ’16

Lindsey Tse ’16 will attend Emory University in the fall, and while she applied undeclared, she plans to major in something science-related. Emory was her first-choice school, and she applied early decision.

“I’m just happy how everything worked out, and I just advise everyone to calm down,” Tse said.

Although Tse knew she had a good chance of getting in because of her sport, she was still nervous because the agreement was not yet fully official. She received her acceptance letter in December while she was at practice.

“I was nervous right when I read the letter and then it said ‘congratulations,’” she said. “I was happy to be surrounded by my teammates.”

Tse is most excited to be in the city of Atlanta.

“I think I’m most excited for just a different change of scenery, like it’s still an urban city, but it’s going to be completely different from Los Angeles, so it will just be something very new,” Tse said.

The All-Around: Nicole Araya ’16

Nicole Araya ’16 will attend Harvard College in the fall. Although she has not decided what she will study, she thinks that she will most likely major in applied science and minor in studio art. Harvard was one of her top three choices, and she is very happy about her admittance.

“I couldn’t believe it at first,” Araya said. “I was really excited.”

Araya said that she is most looking forward to learning new things.

“I’m just excited to explore all the different fields that I haven’t been able to delve too much into this year but that I have an interest in,” she said.

She also says that if she were to give advice to someone going through the college process, she would tell them to stay organized.

“It seems like everything at the moment is due the next day, so keeping an organized schedule is really helpful,” she said. “That’s something that I haven’t done as much, and even though I had a lot going on, it would have made it a lot easier to keep a schedule.”

The Brain: Cameron Cabo ’16

Cameron Cabo ’16 said he is very excited to attend the University of Pennsylvania in the fall. He was accepted into the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology, which combines Penn Engineering and the Wharton School of Business into one program.

“I guess it was really down to between the program at Penn, Columbia and UC Berkeley, and after visiting those three, I just felt most comfortable at Penn,” Cabo said of his decision. “I also knew that it would be really cool to be a part of that program because I’d have a class of 50 kids that I would know really well, and I also just felt like Penn was a little more social and integrated.”

Cabo is looking forward to studying art in addition to his main program, experiencing the city of Philadelphia and meeting new people.

The Artist: James Hansen ’16

Hansen will attend Kenyon College, which was his first choice, in the fall of 2016. Although he does not yet know what he will study, he is thinking about either film, history or music as possible majors.

“[Kenyon has] an incredibly welcoming campus,” Hansen said about his decision to attend. “It’s small, but small in a good way where I know that I can get a great education and a great time, and I can really delve into the subject matter. It’s also just got a great, really broad curriculum.”

Hansen is most excited for the culture differences between life at Kenyon, which is in Gambier, Ohio, and Los Angeles.

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Cashing In: High Stakes Reveal