Teachers work on two campuses

Indu Pandey

History teachers Celia Goedde and Lilas Lane will commute between the upper and middle school campuses to teach this year. The two history departments hope to use the program to better integrate the World and Europe classes, since the course is split between ninth and tenth grade, Goedde said.

“We always want to make the students’ learning experience the best and one way to do that is to create a closer link between our campuses,” History Department Head Greg Gonzalez said. “It’s done in lots of different ways and this is one way the history department is linking the ninth and tenth grade courses more closely.”

Goedde will teach two sections of The World and Europe I for ninth grade students in the mornings and two sections of The World and Europe II for sophomores in the afternoon.

Lane will teach three The World and Europe I sections in the morning and one The World and Europe II class in the afternoon. Lane said she worries about the amount of meeting time available.

“I’m concerned about time with students,” Lane said. “That’s my biggest issue. To me, one of the things I really value about Harvard-Westlake is that ability to have one-on-one time as well as classroom time.”

The history department has not outlined future plans for the program aside from Goedde and Lane commuting, Gonzalez said.

Lane said she hopes to integrate more women’s history into the tenth grade course, as she has never taught that half of the course before.

Goedde said she looks forward to getting better acquainted with her middle school colleagues.

“It’s a whole new campus of teachers that I don’t know,” Goedde said. “Although I know some teachers, I don’t know very many of the middle school teachers, so I’m looking forward to getting to know them.”