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LA Times Editor of the Editorial Pages speaks to students

Konnie Duan and Natalie Cosgrove December 12, 2020

LA Times Editorial Page Director Sewell Chan spoke to students in Advanced Placement United States History and Advanced Placement Government over Zoom Nov. 17. History teacher Peter Sheehy (Will ’22,...

History Bowl club prepares for national competition

Konnie Duan October 29, 2020

Participants of the History Bowl club prepare for the National History Bowl, a buzzer-based history quiz competition for teams of up to six students, in their weekly meetings on Mondays. Questions in...

Peter Sheehy joins History Department

Natalie Cosgrove August 28, 2020

Peter Sheehy (Will '22, Tate '24) joined the history department this year to teach Advanced Placement United States History and Advanced Placement Government. Sheehy holds a bachelor’s degree in history...

Credit: Lauren Nehorai and Joanna Im/Chronicle

Mapping Representation

Tammer Bagdasarian October 2, 2019

Last year, Mimi Offor ’21 read hundreds of textbook pages, spent hours upon hours studying for exams and burned through more than a few packs of pencils during her history course, The World and Europe...

Alex Daum ’20 studies Jewish community in Spain

Lauren Cho August 31, 2019

Latin American and Iberian Studies Fellowship recipient Alex Daum ’20 researched the history and present-day societal status of the Jewish community in Spain by traveling to six different cities: Madrid,...

Two new teachers join school for second semester

Siobhan Harms January 31, 2019

Conrad Cuda and Jackson Kroopf ’06 joined the Upper School History and Art Departments, respectively, mid-year. Cuda, an upper school football coach, previously taught at John Adams Middle School...

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

Chronicle Staff October 4, 2018

Less than a month ago, history teacher Eric Zwemer passed away after nearly three decades of teaching. His death caused immense grief and pain in our community and was followed by a period of deep reflection....

Commemorating Zwemer: Hearts are filled with cherished memories of history teacher

Commemorating Zwemer: Hearts are filled with cherished memories of history teacher

Kendall Dees October 4, 2018

Brilliant, passionate, talented and witty. During his 29 years of teaching at Harvard-Westlake, Eric Zwemer impacted the lives of students and teachers alike. From his engaging lectures to his legendary...

Senior wins two silvers in History Olympiad

Casey Kim September 1, 2018

After preparing for the tournament and traveling to Berlin, Emmanuel Zilber ’19 won two silver medals in the Varsity division of the 2018 International History Olympiad. Zilber competed in Recent, Ancient,...

Credit: Lauren Nehorai/Chronicle

Integrating Immigration: Anti-Immigrant Policies and Rhetoric Hit Close to Home

Sophie Haber August 29, 2018

Blue, red and white lights flashed in front of Xenia Bernal ’19, blurred by the tears that swelled in her eyes. Bernal, a first generation Mexican-American, was in the backseat of a car driving through...

Halkett departs from ‘friendly and caring’ community

Joanna Im June 1, 2018

Upper school history teacher Nini Halkett will be leaving the department after 30 years at the school. She plans to travel to the places she has taught about in AP Human Geography and International Relations,...

Neisser to retire, travel the world in his free time

Anusha Mathur June 1, 2018

History teacher Ken Neisser will retire after 10 years of teaching at the school in order to relax, spend more time traveling with his wife and pursue interests he did not have time to focus on while teaching. "I...

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