Seniors receive rings, pins at senior ceremony

Benjamin Most

Seniors and their families gathered for the annual ring ceremony where seniors received pins or rings and heard speeches from senior prefects Mazelle Etessami ’14, Malanna Wheat ’14, Oliver Goodman-Waters ’14, and Greg Lehrhoff ’14 and President Rick Commons Sept. 15 on Ted Slavin Field.

“We are not a traditional class,” Wheat said in her speech. “This class has gone through so much and learned so many things over the past few years.”

Prefects spoke about the class’s progress from seventh grade, the difficulties it would face in the future, and the unique style exhibited by the class.

Commons also spoke about the unity that the class showed throughout its six years together, even in difficult times such as after the deaths of Julia Siegler ’14 and Justin Carr ’14.

“If you lead, truly lead, I promise that we will follow,” Commons said.

Students wore formal attire, with boys wearing white flowers on their suits and girls wearing rings of flowers in their hair. To open the ceremony, the students proceeded down the center of the field while piano music played in the background.

The Chamber Singers performed a song during the ceremony, and the Chamber Singer seniors were joined by Bel Canto seniors for a second song.

“It was beautiful. Really, really beautiful,” Sari Steinberg (Molly ’14) said. “It was a perfect blend of seriousness and levity.”