Students celebrate Halloween

Jenny Li

Aaron Glazer ’17 and Pearl Accord ’17 dress up as Russell and Carl from the Pixar movie “Up” for the Social Committee-organized costume contest Oct. 31 in the student lounge. Students could enter the costume contest either individually or as a group. Credit: Jenny Li/Chronicle

Students participated in a Social Committee-organized costume contest and took photos in a photo booth to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on Halloween.
The committee organized the contest and showed Halloween-themed movies in the lounge to bring the community together in Halloween spirit.
“Not many times during the school year can everyone come together,” attendee Sarah Wilen ’19 said. “With this contest, we hope to bring the Harvard-Westlake community together in a fun, stress-free environment of fun and candy.”
Select students walked down the runway in the lounge during Activities Period to showcase their costumes to the student body.
Sultan Daniels ’19 dressed up as the Avatar: the Last Airbender character Sokka and received a front-of-the-line pass for winning the individual costume contest.
Father-daughter duo Lucy Yetman-Michaelson ’17 and English teacher Jeremy Michaelson, who dressed as Curious George and the man with a yellow hat, received a piñata after winning the group contest.
“The contest went very well,” Daniels said. “Everyone seemed very excited and spirited, so I thought it was a great event.”
Members of Miles of Smiles club raised $1100 in the CHLA fundraiser to help the children afford medical expenses.
The event, Smile! for CHLA, invited members of the community to donate and take pictures in a LED inflatable photo booth or with a Pikachu mascot costume in the lounge from fourth to seventh period.
“We came up with the simple, yet memorable name related to smiling for a picture in the photo booth while supporting a great cause,” Miles of Smiles club leader Myria Chen ’18 said. “We realize that we are a part of a privileged community, and we would like to help others who are less fortunate.”
Students in the lounge seemed excited to help the kids while also taking the pictures, attendee Beata Hitterrer ’19 said.
“This just makes Halloween even more fun,” Hitterrer said. “This is an awesome way to raise money for the children and have fun at the same time.”
The club members were pleased with the turnout and are looking forwards to achieving their future plans.
“We had a lot of success in this photo booth,” club member Allen Gan ’18 said. “We are one step closer in accomplishing our goals in helping the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.”
Students said they enjoyed the contest and festivities and said that they felt that the events helped to bring the Halloween spirit to campus.
“The costume contest was an awesome way to start off Halloween,” Isabel Wiatt ’18 said. “We saw some scary costumes and some fun costumes. It really got me in the spirit and ready for [the night].”