Peers offer advice for internships, summer opportunities


Students sat on the HW Works Internship Panel to offer their advice to their peers interested in seeking an internship this summer. Credit: Jenny Li/Chronicle

Jenny Li

Students with previous internship experiences led a discussion and gave advice to students interested in summer opportunities today in the Kutler Center as a part of the HW Works internship program.

Student panelists Jordan Bedikian ’18, Marie Eric ’18 and Chronicle Sports Assistant Editor Elly Choi ’18 provided suggestions for the application process and seeking initiative. Their previous internships range from programming apps at start-up companies to helping exonerate wrongly convicted criminals with the Innocence Project.

“I definitely thought the panel was helpful,” Stephanie Vartany ’18 said. “It gave me a guideline on how to go about getting an internship and how my experience will be when I get there.”

The discussion provided an environment for students to learn from their peers’ first-hand experiences with internships, panel organizer and HW Works Administrator Zaakirah Daniels ’10 said.

“Coming back from this school, there has been an influx in student interest in summer internships,” Daniels said. “I think that this is more salient to the students, to hear from their peers and people like them that what they’re doing is valuable in some way. I think it’s a great opportunity to hear different perspectives of why people choose to intern and why some don’t.”