12 plays selected for Playwrights Festival

Sarah Lee

Performing arts teacher and Playwrights Festival producer Christopher Moore announced the titles of 12 plays that the school will produce for the 2017 Playwrights Festival.

The Reading and Selection Committee, comprised of 33 community members and industry professionals, read through 37 plays before making their decisions.

Auditions for the Playwrights festival begin Monday and will take place in the Drama Lab. There will also be a second day of auditions Tuesday.

The selected plays are as follows:

“Baddest of Them All” by Sophia Dienstag ’17

“Doomsday” by Alyson Lo ’17

“Expulsion from Paradise” by Sophie Kim ’17

“Facetime” by Jarett Malouf ’18

“In the Wake of the Sun” by Gaia Murphy ’19

“Outta This World” by Sophia Van Iderstine ’17 and Cate Wolfen ’17

“Path of the Reckoned” by Jakob Klein ’18

“Rendez-Vous” by Danielle Kaye ’17

“Rule of Threes” by Brianna Blanchard ’18

“Subway Stories” by Sakura Price ’18

“The Owen B. Falstaff Center for the Reclaimed Self” by Jenny Lange ’17

“The Undelivered Love Letters” by Kate Schrage ’18