Organization fundraises for school in Guatemala

Alex Goldstein

The Latin American Student Organization sold handmade jewelry from Guatemala, Mexican sweet bread and tamales April 21 with all proceeds going to the Nino’s School in Guatemala.

The money raised went to buying textbooks, backpacks, clothing, school lunches and other school supplies for the students of the school as well as to help fund teacher salaries.

“Elena Montoya [‘18], a LASO member, visited that particular school during the HW [Go!] Guatemala trip over the summer, so she was able to communicate with the leaders of that school,” LASO member Cannoli Blanchard ’18 said. “The situation there is really bleak, students only go to school half the day because the school cannot afford lunch for the kids, teachers are not paid, and Elena brought that to our attention. After seeing how much those kids struggles to get an education while we have such easy access to one, she really wanted to do what she could to help them.”

Students said they enjoyed visiting the fundraiser, which was held on the quad.

“The LASO fundraiser was really cool because we were donating money by buying products that were related to where the money was going, which was a unique aspect compared to the other fundraisers,” Rebecca Sugerman ’19 said. “I got two little beaded chains for my car keys and I’m so excited to use them.”

The fundraiser was visited throughout the day by many members of the community wishing to either try native Mexican food or purchase the handmade bracelets, necklaces and keychains.

“I was really happy that the fundraiser sold out before the end of the day,” Blanchard said. “I think it shows that our community really realizes the importance of education and the privilege that have at Harvard-Westlake and wants to ensure that those without our opportunities can receive an education as well.”