Ni-hao: faculty

Samantha Lingard

Three administrators traveled to East Asia during spring break to promote the school and meet with alumni and parents.

Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts, head of external relations Ed Hu and director of Kutler Center and summer programs Jim Patterson spent 15 days in China, Japan and Korea.

While on the trip, the faculty members organized alumni events and visited multiple schools.

“We spoke at length with a couple of schools about potential partnerships,” Huybrechts said. “We were also meeting with organizations that might be able to help us find opportunities for our students in Asia.”

The group visited the Harvard Club, the Stanford Club and the Yale Club while in Shanghai and Beijing. They also used some of the time to meet with prospective parents and parents of alumni.

There have been many previous alumni gatherings in Asia, such as one in Korea two years ago.

The population of alumni living in Hong Kong is substantial and growing Huybrechts said.

“Most of our alums who are working in China are perfectly fluent in Chinese, and that’s nice to see,” Huybrechts said.

Huybrechts has been to China for school-related reasons five times, four of those times on behalf of the school and once to see alumni Peter Hudnut ’99 and Dara Torres ’85 compete in the 2008 Olympics.

Huybrechts said it was the longest trip to Asia any group from the school has ever taken to promote the school.