Students defeat teachers in Science Bowl scrimmage during STEMfest activities

Marcella Park

Five seniors defeated five science teachers in a 12 minute-long Science Bowl match during STEMfest May 21.

Science Bowl team members Anser Abbas ’14, Zachary Birnholz ’14, Donhem Brown ’14, Kevin Zhang ’14 and Larry Zhang ’14 and teachers Larry Axelrod, Blaise Eitner, Jesse Reiner, Wendy Van Norden and Yanni Vourgourakis ’90 played to a final score of 22-14.

The teachers came into Ahmanson Lecture Hall as the champions of last year’s students vs. teachers match. The event took place during STEMfest, which included demonstrations of an Unmanned Aviation Vehicle, a Quadcopter, a helicopter powered by four rotors, hovercraft, video games, a mood-meter, waffle-making robot and multiple iPhone and Android apps.

The Science Bowl scrimmage was the team’s last public event of the school year. Nick Abouzeid ’15 read questions, Jonathan Heckerman ’15 called players when they buzzed in and Jacob Gold ’15 kept the score.

On the first question, Kevin Zhang interrupted Abouzeid, who was in the middle of reading a physics question, to answer, “137 newtons.” He was correct, and won the first point of the match.

Kevin and Larry Zhang would go on to answer eight questions correctly during the round, all to the laughs of the watching crowd. The Zhangs answered most of these questions before Abouzeid even finished reading them. When Larry Zhang answered a question at the end of the round, science teacher David Hinden in the back of the hall shouted, “But they have two of them!”

“It was definitely satisfying to reclaim the trophy from the teachers, especially after last year’s loss,” Abouzeid said. “It was a great way to end an absolutely incredible year for the Science Bowl club.”

Abbas, Gold and Kevin Zhang were on the club’s A Team this year, while Abouzeid, Birnholz, Brown and Larry Zhang were on the B Team.

The B Team placed sixth after nine rounds of play in the U.S. Department of Energy National Science Bowl championship April in Washington, D.C.